** Warning ** You Might Really Enjoy Creating Your Next Landing Page
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Here's an example using images as a background

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Here's an example using video as a background

“You'll be hard pressed to find an optin page creator that is as quick to set up or as easy to use. Two in one. For ONE price. Can't be beaten!”

Customer Testimonial from Eric Oliver

Dear Business Owner,

What you read at the top of this page probably sounds like a bunch of fluff... Have fun? Be interesting? How in the heck can a simple WordPress plugin help me do that?

"Through a landing page? Boring." In general you're right, but this is different. With our plugin you will be creating fun AND interesting landing pages that... wait for it... GET RESULTS!

Yes, this plugin will cut out the fat and keep ONLY what will make your landing page convert. Make your readers stop and read every word and enjoy every second of the process... never getting in their way and keeping it simple.

What You Will Be Able To Accomplish by Using the Uber Optin 2.0 Wordpress Plugin.

See that professional background? That's actually a YouTube video. All you have to do is grab the YouTube video ID and bam! Your video is now playing in the background on a loop with no sound. It's easy to implement, yet it creates the WOW factor for your visitors.

Don't have a video? Don't want to add a video? You can add three (3) photos of your choosing and have them fade in and out in the background.

Your visitors, reader and new leads will stop and take notice of your landing page. They won't go straight for the close button. In fact they will stay as it is designed to showcase your offer and message effectively.

** Get The New Lead **
"You Can Create Stunning Pages That Focus On Experience With an Effective & Exciting Landing Page Style!"

Take your old boring landing pages and turn them into truly expressive and fun! Take a look at how easy this is to setup...

The Low-Down on All The Features:

Discover Every Way That You Can Use Uber Optin 2.0 Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress Plugin

Just upload, click activate and you are ready to create unlimited awesome pages!

Options Panel

Edit every detail on the fly with the simple options panel for each page.

Edit Content

Customize all of the content areas that are designed to be readable.

Variety of Designs

Completely change the way your page design looks and feels. All with one click.

Button Colors

Choose from a variety of colors for the "call to action" buttons on your page.


Load up the form code from any service like Aweber, MailChimp, and more.

Collect Leads

Increase your mailing list to help launch your product or build new relationships.

2-Step Process

Take your visitors through an extremely approachable process for all visitors.

YouTube BG

Create a memorable experience with YouTube video backgrounds.

Create Awesome Landing Page Styles In These Colors / Textures and More!

You can setup your site's pages to redirect to a landing page... or embed the actual landing page within your existing post/page content!

Embed Your Uber Optin 2.0 Landing Pages on Any Blog Post or Page Just by Grabbing The Shortcode

It's Time... Get Uber Optin Plugin 2.0 Now

Unlimited Possibilities... Just One Click Away!

Install Uber Optin 2.0 WordPress plugin on your website and setup your pages in no time at all... and watch your conversion rates climb! Guaranteed.

Total Investment:
$97 - $47 Version 2 Launch Discount!

Uber Optin Plugin

Take Action Today!

If you haven't yet, make sure to watch the video and check out the live demos here and here so as not to miss out on what's included. Need more reasons why this will help you right now?

  1. Super Fast Setup! Waste absolutely no time and have your new offer up and ready quick. Leave frustration at the door since we created this plugin with a focus on simplicity that benefits both you and your customers.

  2. Stand Out From The Rest! Catch the attention of each visitor and make them stop and read your message. It is simply impossible to just skim over these landing pages.

  3. Customize to Match Your Brand! Use the easy options panel to make your page(s) compliment your brand by adding your logo and customizing the many design options.

  4. Collect More Leads! Show your message first and collect your leads AFTER they have already taken action. This alone has shown to increase optin rates by up to 60%!

Start Simple and Show Your Auto-Responder Code to ONLY Those Who Have Taken Action

  • Show Your Message If a picture is worth a thousand words, than your headline should be worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! How? With the simple focus you can write truly KILLER headlines that your visitors will ACTUALLY read.

  • Get The Lead Once you undoubtedly convince your visitors to click on the big CTA (Call to Action) button they will instantly be greeted with a friendly and fun opt-in box. It doesn't matter what your html optin form code represents... when you add it to our plugin it'll look awesome. It's like magic.

Well that's it for now! Grab your copy of Uber Optin 2.0 today to start creating these beautifully designed landing pages. It couldn't be easier - and for this limited time low investment you really can't go wrong...

Here's to Uber list building!


Uber Optin Plugin

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